About Us

The experienced team you can count on

Final Approach Consulting becomes an extension of your internal business team, a strategic partner, and thought leader to help firms realize mission-critical projects that are core to operations. When you consult with the experts and focus on your marketing statistics, you work to create lasting growth in your business.

Here at Final Approach Consulting, we work hard to provide your business with the individualized attention that it deserves.

When you choose to work with us, you can feel confident that you’re investing in leading competitive intelligence marketing that NYC (New York City) and countless cities trust.

Our Mission

To inform actionable business decision-making that delivers better business outcomes.

Why Final Approach


Years of experience in data, analytics and engineering.


Million $ average cost savings after program optimization


Fortune 500 clients who leveraged our approach to drive decision-making.


Percent average increase in ROI after working with us.


The Future of Data: A look into the current and upcoming trends in data.


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Our Story

Founded in New York City and born with the ambition to empower decision-makers in companies of all sizes by leveraging the power of data-driven analytics and intelligence. 

We are made up of people from diverse backgrounds; advertising agency veterans, engineers, data scientists, educators, and consultants.

Traditional agencies and consultancies develop ‘big ideas’ that sound great but fall short in execution to achieve business goals and ROI. These big ideas aren’t grounded in data.  

Final Approach leverages data, science, really smart people, and technology to develop ‘big ideas’ which achieve measurable, scalable and repeatable results. See examples of our success in our case studies here

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