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3 Reasons to Leverage Google Analytics in 2023

According to Renolon, an estimated 28.1 million different websites are using Google Analytics. However, there are some changes in store for users of the program. In 2023, Google Analytics Universal Analytics will cease operations. In its place will be Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This change will mean that there’ll be new processes to learn, and more features to understand. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons for you to leverage Google Analytics in 2023.

1. Google Continuously Works to Improve Its Systems
If you’re currently working with Google Analytics Universal, you have until July 2023 to fully migrate to GA4. While this may initially feel like an inconvenience, the new system will provide more useful metrics that will allow companies of all sizes to benefit.
2. New Data-Capturing Methods Will Be Introduced in 2023

Say goodbye to cookies. GA4 will utilize a new data-capturing system called “first-party sets”. This new tracking system will deliver more accurate and useful data that can be used in larger digital marketing efforts. These sets are created when a visitor comes to your site. The information that is collected isn’t limited to one of the user’s devices. Because their data is collected across devices, it is more timely, accurate, and actionable. This new data can help you better understand bounce rates and conversions. There is also a robust custom report generator available to site owners.

3. Tailored Suggestions from Google Based on Website History

Another area to leverage in the new year is Google’s tailored suggestions. With GA4, you’ll receive unique suggestions tailored to your site. This is valuable information that will enable you to enjoy better results. Insights & Recommendations will appear on your home page. This information will allow you to take all the collected data and metrics and use them to fine-tune your website. The new model will also let you track conversion events as the visitor progresses through your website. All of this information is presented in a way that lets you optimize your digital marketing efforts.

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